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Pipe Scanner - Corrosion Inspection of Pipelines
Tank Scanner - Tank Floor Inspection System for bottom surface corrosion

Pipe Scanner
Corrosion Inspection of Pipelines
Pipe Scanner - Corrosion Inspection of Pipelines

Pipescan is an easy to use, cost effective, portable, magnetic flux inspection system for the detection of random internal corrosion pipe runs.

Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection is not affected by product flowing through the pipe, so surveys can be carried out both on-line and off-line and at surface temperatures up to 90oC. Use of Pipescan, with its high probability of detection to locate the corrosion, coupled with A-Scan ultrasonic monitoring of growth, provides a cost effective accurate system for the determination of plant integrity.

- Inspect from ø 75 mm to ø 500 mm pipe diameter
- Fast and easy to use
- On-line inspection, up to 90°C surface temperature possible

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