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Advanced Non-destructive Inspection Methods
Ultrasonic Inspection with TOFD and Phased Array Methods
Inspection of Drill pipes and-collars
Corrosion Mapping
Pipe Scanner - Corrosion Inspection of Pipelines
Tank Scanner - Tank Floor Inspection System for bottom surface corrosion

Corrosion Mapping
UT Scanning

Corrosion Mapping

Ultrasonic corrosion mapping is a key method in most non-invasive inspection strategies. In order to inspect the range of components e.g. pipes, vessels and tanks, S&Q MART employs a number of different ultrasonic corrosion mapping systems which use versatile, portable scanning methods to provide accurate and reproducible fingerprints of material integrity.

These include high speed motorized scanning systems for rapid large area coverage (up to 15 m2 per shift), or flexible manual scanners for areas of more restricted access / geometry.
• Corrosion mapping
• Defect monitoring
• Hydrogen blistering
• Weld overlay inspection

Automated UT scanners (crawlers) are used to rapidly inspect the thickness of large metallic structures at small measurement intervals (no need for scaffolding), providing a high-detail thickness map of the scanned surface. The system is configured to perform wall thickness inspection in order to detect erosion and/or corrosion.

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